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Mastering the Knits podcast

Welcome to Mastering the Knits with Natalie and Lish, inspiring each other to go outside our comfort zones to master our crafts. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage each other as we take on the Master Knitter Program. We also want to build a community and connect with other fiber artists and those taking the Master Knitter journey!

Nov 30, 2014

Natalie’s students knit socks!


Master Status (2:40):

Holidays are practically here! We have decided to put our program on hold until after Christmas to focus on family, travel, and gift knitting!


In our hands (3:28):

Natalie is working on the Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu inThe Fiber Seed...

Oct 16, 2014


Lish’s finished Brickless for the KAL

Natalie and Lish would like to send our thoughts and prayers to SillyFru from the Sassypants Knitter Podcast who is going through a lot right now.


This week’s segments include Master Status, Master Plan, In our Hands, Dropped Stitches, Masterpieces, Share the...

Aug 25, 2014

Episode 9 : To Master We Must Knit

Natalie giving a spining demo!


Master Status: (1:37)

Alicia and Natalie are feeling guilty for not making the program a priority. Help inspire them as well as other listeners by joining their KAL by using #masterstatus.


Master Plan: (3:38)

Natalie and Lish plan to finish...

Aug 1, 2014

Episode # 8: Sharing the Love

Natalie knit the perfect “Something Blue.”

Plenty of hand knits featured in Lish’s Wedding.

Master Status: (2:03)

Natalie and Lish completed swatch 7 and 8. Lish wove in her ends to all swatches. Natalie wove in ends for swatch 7 and 8. Both used the duplicate...

Jun 23, 2014

Episode #7: Should be Swatching



Natalie and Lish welcome back listeners as well as talk about where they have been.


(1:28) Natalie shares some exciting news about a new local yarn shop in St. Pete,  Stash a place for Yarn. She also shares some of the yarns the shop will carry.


Master Status:(4:47)