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Mastering the Knits podcast

Welcome to Mastering the Knits with Natalie and Lish, inspiring each other to go outside our comfort zones to master our crafts. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage each other as we take on the Master Knitter Program. We also want to build a community and connect with other fiber artists and those taking the Master Knitter journey!

Aug 1, 2014

Episode # 8: Sharing the Love

Natalie knit the perfect “Something Blue.”

Plenty of hand knits featured in Lish’s Wedding.

Master Status: (2:03)

Natalie and Lish completed swatch 7 and 8. Lish wove in her ends to all swatches. Natalie wove in ends for swatch 7 and 8. Both used the duplicate stitch. They shared some words of wisdom, 1.) label your swatches and 2.) knit a swatch in one sitting

They mentioned Arenda Holladay’s video. Alicia found another video by tottoppers on youtube that uses a contrasting color.


Lish begins weaving in her ends.


Master Plan: (7:10)

Alicia and Natalie are going to start answering the questions. They plan to knit swatch 9 and 10. Natalie is going to finish weaving in all of her ends. They are both going to finish blocking swatches 1-10.


In our hands:(8:18)

Alicia has been working on socks! She has finally caught the sock knitting bug. She is using  Sock Recipe: A good, plain sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and using Knit Picks Stroll Solids, Heathers and Twists in the Blue Yonder colorway. . Natalie also mentions Spring Forward by Linda Welch. Lish also cast on Punkin Hat by Tara Thomsen for the festival. She is continuing to knit up some of her acrylic stash.

Natalie cast on a pair of toe up socks for her June socks in Patons Kroy Socks in Blue Stripped Ragg colorway for her this time. She is about one month behind but she plans to catch up with another pair of toddler socks for July. She cast on toe up using the judy’s magic cast on. She also cast on her christmas stocking using A NEW Family Portrait - A Collection of Three Christmas Stockings by Dorene Delaney Giordano pattern and Cascade 220 Sport in Burgundy and Buff.


Dropped stitches: (14:39)

Natalie realized half way down the foot of the sock that it was a couple too many stitches so she decreased down instead of recasting on. She put in waste yarn for afterthought heel and working on the leg of the first sock. Alicia asks the question: Do you make the same mistake on the second sock?

Alicia discovered while sitting on the beach, she lost track of the beginning of the round when starting the decreases for the toe. About midway through the decreases, she caught that the decreases would actually be on the top and bottom of my foot. Rip it Rip it!

The sock toe was looking a little pointy, she thought that would be a dropped stitch but turns out, her feet are sort of pointy!


Master Pieces: (18:51)


Natalie’s gorgeous Brickless sample


Alicia asks if one sock counts.

Natalie finished a simple crocheted dishcloth. She finished theToddler Tube socksusingLorna Laces Sportin the Cubs colorway. Alicia requests Natalie to write the pattern for her and the rest of the listeners!  She finished a gorgeous BricklessbyMartina Behmin Malabrigo Sockarchangel colorway. It is a sample for Stash a Place for Yarn, downtown. So if you happen to be in St. Pete go check it out. Natalie and Lish mention a Brickless knit-a-long in SeptemberShe finished up Kenny’s christmas stocking in Cascade 220 Sport using theA NEW Family Portrait - A Collection of Three Christmas Stockings by Dorene Delaney Giordano.


On the Road: (28:58)

Natalie will be at the grand opening at Stash a Place for Yarn  in St. Pete.  The event is August 9th from 10 am -10 pm. She will  be there around 6pm for the evening.  


Simply Selfie: (33:28)


Alicia shares her experiences with wedding events. She surprised Natalie by walking down the isle with the shawl she knit. Lish shares her honeymoon trip to Punta Cana. She got pretty comfortable knitting on the beach every morning. Natalie mentions the timehop app.

Natalie has been working a lot, hanging with the kids, and  made it to knit night a couple times. They  took a trip to Orlando with the kids and stayed in a hotel for her nephew’s engagement party at his fiance’s families house.


Comfort zone: (49:59)

Alicia started a natural hair regimen! She has been wanting to make more things at home. She found her knitting mojo. She made it to knit afternoon with her knitting circle. Natalie has been enjoying watching Sherlock with her husband.


Sharing the Love: (55:56)

Thrivelove Giveaway

Alicia used the Lavender silk soap for a total body cleanse. The soap immediately feels silky on the skin when wet. It lathers nicely with wash cloth and shower puff. It has a light, clean scent, which is a plus for because she does not like strong scents. The ingredients are all those that can be read and understood. No sulfates which can dry the skin. She stays clear of sulfates in shampoo and other products because she tends to be more dry. She also noticed it does not contain palm oil which the industry has been one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction.

Natalie used the Woodsy Lavender Soap. She mainly wants to put little shaving in her knitting bag. She comments the scent smells amazing.  I used a little on my hands and it felt great.  It wasn’t drying and left my hands soft.  


Thrive Handcrafts giveway: Ways to enter: 1. Go to,click on We Offer, check out their soaps and come back and comment on the shownotes page which kind you like. Follow @thrivelove on twitter, LikeThrive Handcratsand Mastering the knits on Facebook, Followthrivelove on Pinterest, Join the Mastering the knits ravelry group


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