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Mastering the Knits podcast

Welcome to Mastering the Knits with Natalie and Lish, inspiring each other to go outside our comfort zones to master our crafts. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage each other as we take on the Master Knitter Program. We also want to build a community and connect with other fiber artists and those taking the Master Knitter journey!

Dec 5, 2018

Mastering the Knits S3E9: Harry Potter Begins

Welcome to the Mastering the Knits podcast!  Natalie starts off this episode with some announcements and extras!

Giveaway (1:51)

November giveaway was a pattern of your choice from Paper Daisy Creations and winner was announced.  December’s giveaway is a pattern of your choice up to $5 on Ravelry. and listen to the episode to learn how to enter.

booksMaster Status (3:51)

Natalie talks about where she is at on her TKGA Master Knitter Level 1. For more information check out,  TKGA group on Ravelry.  

In my hands (7:06)

Natalie mentions and talks about knitting on the following:

Raise Your Hand (12:05)

Natalie answers: How are you preparing for the new year?  Natalie mentions the following:

harrypottercakeComfort zone (21:29)

Natalie talks about her daughter turning 8 and starting to read Harry Potter.  The illustrated version.

Thank you for joining us for series 3 episode 9 of Mastering the Knits.  You can find show notes at or on our Ravelry group Mastering the Knits Podcast.   You can email us at Follow me on twitter at @MtKnitsPodcast and Instagram as @masteringtheknits